2018 Warp and Weft


Organically farmed Carignane and Zinfandel
Venturi Vineyards - Mendocino County
12.6% Alcohol by Volume

This wine was created to replace our ZinGre Rosé which has developed quite a following. We did not have enough Grenache to make the ZinGre in 2018, so we found some Carignane and Zinfandel from organically farmed Vinturi Vineyards in Mendocino County. We have always been a fan of Carignane, and Lucas believed blending the Carignane and Zin would be a great alternative to Grenache and Zin. Wow, was he right! Warp and Weft (Wikipedia: Warp and Weft) are the vertical and horizontal threads woven together in a loom to make fabric. In the case of this beautiful rosé, it's the weaving of these two grapes into a crisp, summer refresher with aromas of Pink Lady apples, orange blossom and cran-raspberry on the nose and a focused palate highlighted by cran-apple, gooseberry, and kumquat.

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2018 Warp and Weft