2021 Dolcetto - Paradise Canyon Farm

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2021 Dolcetto
Paradise Canyon  Farm
North Coast—California
14.7% Alcohol by Volume

This second vintage if the Dolcetto from Paradise Canyon Farm shows a nice evolution of our work. The varieties greatness lies in its potential for complexity and depth balanced against elegant, moderate structure. This is a challenging balance to strike; Dolcetto is a grape that rewards intent and attention in the winery and vineyard. John and Marcia Lazaro's vineyard yields beautiful fruit that reflects the care and effort in their farming and inspires the same in our winemaking. 
What we love about this wine is the series of contrasts it shares. Specifically, '21 show beautiful, round, juicy mouthfeel through the mid-palate while still feeling dense and complete. A comfortable tension between friendliness and depth is where we want to put this version of Dolcetto.
On the nose and front of palate the fruit sings, but its crunchy plum and cranberry character doesn’t overwhelm complex herbal freshness. The mid palate balances an archetypal Italian-red leathery richness with a lively, fresh round nature that prevents it from feeling heavy. The finish weaves acidity and tannin to build some power and intensity but with a bouncy, light-footed texture. We’d pair it with the food of its home in northern Italy or other lean meats or hearty stews like lamb or ratatouille. The interplay between freshness and structure is this wine’s best attribute. Beautiful now and for the next  7-10 years at least.