2021 Gamboge Chardonnay

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2021 "Gamboge" Chardonnay
North Coast—California
13.1% Alcohol by Volume

The fruit for this wine comes from a vineyard in the Suisin Valley, just southeast of Napa. The grapes were divided into different lots and fermented with a Saccaromyces Bayanus yeast, a Saccaromyces Cerevisae yeast, and a Candida Zemplenina (a non-Sacch yeast used for low alcohol wines), with the latter used to contribute to a more complex and aromatic wine. The seperate lots are then blended together to create this wine, and we couldn't be happier with the results. On the nose this wine opens up with a waft of nectarines, peaches and orange blossoms all while being caressed by subtle notes of butter. The palate shows more of the same, along with subtle hints of jasmine and wet slate. No oak present.

Fun facts about the color gamboge:
Gamboge is a deep yellow pigment derived from the gum of a species of an evergreen tree of the family Guttiferae which grows in Southesast Asia, primarily Cambodia and Thailand. The first use of the pigment dates back to the 8th century and gets its name from a now-antiquated name for Cambodia, Camboja.