Snapshot Series: 2021 "Vexing Tyche" White Blend

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2021 "Vexing Tyche" White Blend
Snapshot Series #07
North Coast—California

51.2% Grenche Blanc
20.9% Sauvignon Blanc
17.4% Viognier
10.5% Chenin Blanc

13.7% Alcohol by Volume
120 cases produced
Released 2023

In Greek Myth, Tyche is the Goddess of fortune. She is the arbiter of luck and controls the destiny of a community; a (capricious) protector that gifts prosperity and dispenses ill fortune. In 2021—after a string of wildfires, pandemic, and drought—we decided to take things into our own hands. Instead of playing it safe in a precarious moment, we went on a rampage of taking chances and pushing our boundaries. This blend is entirely compromised of those chances. Don't get me wrong—I'm not forsaking Tyche—but I'm not waiting around either. This wine is the liquid equivalent of "fine, I'll do it myself". And in making it, we made our own fate. - Lucas Meeker