2022 "Pop Punk" Viognier Pét-Nat #08: "Big Waves of Light"

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2022 "Pop Punk" Viognier Pét-Nat
#08:  "Big Waves of Light"
Knights Valley
12.1% ABV

This is our second release of a Viognier sparkling wine made naturally (French term: méthode ancestrale), meaning how sparkling wine was made before disgorging became a thing. It is called  Pét-Nat, which is short for Pétillant Natural, and it certainly is not your typical sparkling wine. We hand-bottled the wine before it completed fermentation, which allows for its natural effervescence. But here's the rub, it also traps the lees from the yeast, making the wine cloudy or hazy; think Hazy IPA beers or ciders for example. The lees, which enhance flavor and aroma in the wine, tend to settle out and find their way to the bottom of the bottle. So, when you first open the cap, you will need to allow those bubbles a chance to break up the lees and the wine to return to its cloudy (preferred) state for drinking.