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  • 2021 Hone #4:
    2021 Hone #4: "Tonnage" Blend 2021 Hone Series #4: "Tonnage" 47.3% Touriga Nacional, 28.8% Tinta Madiera 12.9% Souzão, 11.0% Tinta Cao

    2021 Hone #4 "Tonnage"
    Elk Mountain Vineyard — Upper Lake Valley
    47.3% Touriga Nacional
    28.8% Tinta Madiera
    12.9% Souzão
    11.0% Tinta Cao

    The most recent Hone series is a decidedly against the grain cofermentation of four Portuguese red grapes that would typically be used to build the backbone of a traditional fortified wine. But this wine is anything but traditional. The nose is welcoming and plush, anchored by soft blueberry and apricot cushioned by soft brown vibrations:  leather, pencil shavings, baking spice and vanilla pudding. The palate shows more racy character: the fruit leans more towards cherry and ripe plum and midpalate through finish pivot around a bracing acidity. The risk of low-alcohol, high-acidity wines is that they feel narrow and "centered up" on your palate because they lack roundness and complexity. This wine is broad, with juicy and a lot of warmth—which is special for a wine like this.

    More than anything, this wine is fun. And a lot of that fun character will fade with time. Nonetheless, it will age well for 5-10 years, but if I were you I'd board this party boat soon.

  • 2021 Hone #3:
    2021 Hone #3: "Hooky" Dolcetto 2021 Hone Series #3: "Hooky" Dolcetto Carbonic Maceration Paradise Canyon Farm - Mendocino County

    Hooky was our first attempt at making wine similar to a French Beaujolais Nouveau, but with a Meeker twist of course! We used an Italian grape varietal, Dolcetto (which is certainly not French!) and put the grapes through a full carbonic maceration to prevent an otherwise tannic red grape from becoming a big, tannic red wine. The result is a light bodied red wine, with plenty of bright, juicy fruit and a crisp freshness on the palette. 

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  • 2015 Hone #2:
    2015 Hone #2: "Sakura" Blend 2015 Hone Series #2: "Sakura" Red Blend Viognier, Grenache, Carignane, Zinfandel, & Petite Sirah Dry Creek Valley

    27.5% Viognier, 18.3% Carignane, 18.3% Zinfandel, 18.3% Petite Sirah, 17.6% Grenache
    Dry Creek Valley - Sonoma County
    15.2% alcohol by volume

    Our Hone series is devoted to honing our craft as winemakers, featuring new wines that we craft as opportunities arise to try new varietals, blends, and winemaking techniques.

    Sakura is a blend of many of the varietals we make—and it has the complexity to show for it. Its nose feels like a perfect hybrid of Zinfandel and Carignane: brambles, cranberry, and a hint of spice. Sakura has rich oak and medium tannins, making it a great pre-dinner wine or pairing with white meats, pasta dishes, and Thai food. We've been bickering about it for a few days, but we settled on describing the finish as reminding us of and the caramelized crust of a fine creme brulee, without undue sweetness. This beautiful wine will age 3-5 years, but it's drinking perfectly right now. 

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  • 2015 Hone #1:
    2015 Hone #1: "Shimmer" Syrah 2015 Hone Series #1: "Shimmer" Syrah Christensen Vineyard Russian River Valley

    Christensen Family Vineyard

    Russian River Valley - Sonoma County
    14.9% alcohol by volume

    Our Hone series is devoted to honing our craft as winemakers, featuring new wines that we craft as opportunities arise to try new varietals, blends, and winemaking techniques.
    Welcome to the dark side... The second in the Hone series, this wine embraces the elegant, brooding nature of cool climate Syrah in the most fantastic way. The nose of this wine quickly hopscotches classic Syrah fruit to saunter into a wound-up blend of leather and baking spices. On the palate, the wine shows fruit of dried cherry and cranberry with a long, lean slope into a dark, mineral mid-palate before rolling into a super-long, elegant finish that is beautifully integrated and austere.
    This wine will continue to evolve and age for at least 12-16 years. While it could easily pair with bigger meat dishes, it would probably show best with something like cassoulet, game meat, or roasted root vegetables.


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