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    MEEKER SUMMER CELEBRATIONS MIXED CASE SPECIAL 2023 Summer Celebrations Mixed Case 12-Pack (1 of each Wine) $329 including Ground Shipping to most States*

    12 bottles of Meeker wine for $329 plus tax and shipping*

    Each 12 pack includes one bottle each of:

    2021 "Gamboge" Chardonnay, North Coast ($29)
    2021 Rhonoceros Rose, North Coast ($29)
    2021 Pet Nat Rose of Pinot, 828 Clone, Russian River Valley ($34)
    NV "Carmine", Red Blend, Sonoma County ($29)
    2020 Grenache, Hollyhock Vineyard, Templeton Gap - Paso Robles ($48)
    2020 Syrah, Andrews Vineyard ($44)
    2020 Pinot Noir, Nakai Vineyard, Russian River Valley ($55)
    2019 Zinfandel, Italo Vineyard, Alexander Valley ($49)
    2019 Malbec, Bells Echo Vineyard, Mendocino ($50)
    2017 Merlot, Alexander Valley ($36)
    2017 Cabernet Sauvignon, Red Hills ($40)
    2018 "Fossil", Red Blend, Dry Creek Valley ($55)

    And in honor all of the Meeker Family birthdays, we are offering these 12 wines for $329, plus tax and shipping to most States*.

    *Discounted flat-rate FedEx Priority Overnight shipping to most states. Or, we would be happy to hold your orders here at the winery during the summer months and ship in the Fall when the weather is cooler, if preferred.

    *3rd Party Shipping Rates

    • *AR, CT, DE, NJ, OK, WV, WY & AL(to ABC store) via 3rd party 
      • 6 Bottles 
        • $49 for UPS  Priority Overnight shipping
        • $39 for UPS Ground Shipping in the Fall (October/November)
      • 12 Bottles
        • $49 for UPS  Priority Overnight shipping
        • $29 for UPS Ground Shipping in the Fall (October/November)
    • Shipping is prohibited to MS & UT


  • 2021 Gamboge Chardonnay Photo
    2021 Gamboge Chardonnay 2021 Gamboge Chardonnay North Coast

    2021 Gamboge Chardonnay
    North Coast
    ABV - 13.1%

    The fruit for this wine comes from a vineyard in the Suisin Valley, just southeast of Napa. The grapes were divided into different lots and fermented with a Saccaromyces Bayanus yeast, a Saccaromyces Cerevisae yeast, and a Candida Zemplenina (a non-Sacch yeast used for low alcohol wines), with the latter used to contribute to a more complex and aromatic wine. The seperate lots are then blended together to create this wine, and we couldn't be happier with the results. On the nose this wine opens up with a waft of nectarines, peaches and orange blossoms all while being caressed by subtle notes of butter. The palate shows more of the same, along with subtle hints of jasmine and wet slate. No oak present.

  • 2021 Rhonoceros Rosé  Photo
    2021 Rhonoceros Rosé 2021 Rhonoceros Rosé North Coast Grenache & Viognier

    2021 Rhonoceros Rosé
    North Coast, California
    12.9% ABV

    Rosé all day! This blend of 92% Grenache and 8% Viognier highlights the fresh, bright, and playful side of these varieties. Best paired with a lawn chair and sunglasses. 

  • 2021
    2021 "Pet Nat" Rosé of Pinot Noir - "Hazy Pink Bubbles" 2021 Pop Punk "Pet Nat" Rosé Rosé of Pinot Noir Russian River Valley "Hazy Pink Bubbles"

    2021 "Pet Nat" Rosé of Pinot Noir
    Russian River Valley
    12.1% ABV

    This is our first release of a Rose sparkling wine made naturally (French term: méthode ancestrale), meaning how sparkling wine was made before disgorging became a thing. It is called "Pet Nat", which is short for Pétillant Natural, and it certainly is not your typical sparkling wine. We hand-bottled the wine before it completed fermentation, which allows for its natural effervescence. But here's the rub, it also traps the lees from the yeast, making the wine cloudy or hazy; think Hazy IPA beers or ciders for example. The lees, which enhance flavor and aroma in the wine, tend to settle out and find their way to the bottom of the bottle. So, when you first open the cap, you will need to allow those bubbles a chance to break up the lees and the wine to return to its cloudy (preferred) state for drinking.

  • NV Carmine Red Blend Photo
    NV Carmine Red Blend NV Carmine Red Blend Sonoma County Syrah 33.9%, Merlot 26.1%, Cab Sauv 16.1%, Petite Sirah 9.1%, Zinfandel 8.8%, Grenache 3.8% +

    NV Carmine Red Blend
    Sonoma County
    14.9% ABV

    This blend consists of Syrah 33.9%, Merlot 26.1%, Cabernet Sauvignon 16.1%, Petite Sirah 9.1%, Zinfandel 8,8%, Grenache 3.8%, Petite Verdot 0.8%, Pinot Noir 0.6%, Cab Franc 0.4%, Barbera 0.3%, Carignane 0.1%. It makes for the perfect pairing with pizza, pasta, or grilled meats. The aromas and flavors are reminiscent of Cherry cobbler, baking spice, plum compote and molasses cookies. The tannins are soft and have integrated and leveled into a juicy and accessible finish, while remaining firm in structure.
  • 2020 Hollyhock Grenache - Templeton Gap Photo
    2020 Hollyhock Grenache - Templeton Gap 2020 Grenache Hollyhock Vineyard Paso Robles 91 pts Wine Enthusiast
  • 2020 Syrah Andrews Vineyard Photo
    2020 Syrah Andrews Vineyard 2020 Syrah Andrews Vineyard Suisun Valley

    Andrew's Vineyard
    Suisan Valley, Solano County

    14.8% Alcohol by Volume

    We love to search regions all over California for beautiful fits between vineyard and enviroments. That fit is almost always the result of growers with the dedication to one that fit over time. The second and third generation of Andrew's work this vineayrd together to bring us incredible fruit from their family farm in the Suisan Valley.

    Syrah has more range than any other pinnacle grape, and this wine is shows a facet of that range that is new for Meeker. This is easy-going but not shallow. It's still nuanced, classic Syrah at its core. Blueberry pie, eucalytus, and aged leather on the nose. It's high-toned, round and deft on the palate with reminders of crushed mint and pipe tobacco. The finish rides a creamy, soft acidity and closes with suede-ish tannins that say "see you soon!" like a handstamp for same day re-entry. Drink now or before this teenager graduates college.

  • 2020 Nakai Pinot Noir Photo
    2020 Nakai Pinot Noir 2020 Pinot Noir Nakai Vineyard Russian River Valley
  • 2019 Italo Vineyard Zinfandel Photo
    2019 Italo Vineyard Zinfandel 2019 Zinfandel Italo Vineyard Alexander Valley
  • 2019 Bells Echo Malbec Photo
    2019 Bells Echo Malbec 2019 Malbec Bello Echo Vineyard Mendocino County Double Gold - SF Chronicle Wine Competition

    Bells Echo Vineyard, Mendocino
    14.5% ABV

    This wine is the first Malbec since the 2012 Kniights Valley bottling. This wine's greatest achievment is an effortless balance of archetypes. The nose and front of the palate on this wine feel like South American, new-school Malbec, while the driven, tannic, deliberate finish feel like Cahors.

    Super juicy pomegranate on the nose with blueberry compote and herbal edges of eucalyptus, chamomile, and lavender. The fruit character is high-toned and explosive. The mid-palate rides the juicy fruit character into a fleshy, slightly grippy core of bluebery skin, peach fuzz and noyaux. A center of acidity follows quickly and narrows the palate as it focuses into a soft-spoken close. 

    While this wine will age for quite a while, it will evolve dramatically over the first decade. We'll be excited to see where it goes, but for now I'd enjoy the massive fruit character while it is unapologetically precocious.

  • 2017 Alexander Valley Merlot Photo
    2017 Alexander Valley Merlot 2017 Merlot Alexander Valley

    Alexander Valley
    14.8% Alcohol By Volume

    Merlot - big, fruit-forward, full-bodied, and with tannic structure for days. Now you know what kind of wine this is! But we keep handprinting because the bottles are just so darned gorgeous.

    Dark fruit like currants and cherries marry on the nose with hints of toffee and caramel. The wine explodes on your palate with more cherries, and hints of the best strawberry rhubarb pie you’ve ever had. There’s no shortage of subtle, toasty oak and big, powerful tannins throughout the palate and finish of this wine. 


  • 2017 Cabernet Sauvignon Red Hills  Photo
    2017 Cabernet Sauvignon Red Hills 2017 Cabernet Sauvignon Red Hills Lake County

    2017 Meeker Cabernet Sauvignon
    Red Hills AVA
    Lake County
    14.6% AVB

    The grapes for this wine are grown on a vineyard in the Red Hills AVA of Lake County.  This vineyard sits at 2100’ elevation on the southern slope of Mount Konocti, the 4300’ volcano at the center of Lake County. The vines are dry farmed and well established in decomposed volcanic dirt that is studded with football-sized, serious-trip-hazard chunks of obsidian poking out of the dirt every other step. Lots of vineyards are in volcanic soils, but few are so thoroughly covered in proof. Between the extreme elevation, dry farming, and nature of land, this fruit is destined to be hyper-concentrated. As for the wine, Meeker has always prioritized intensity and expression of the grape’s structure, followed by lengthy aging to develop that intensity into elegance. This wine is an excellent example of the power and patience working together. This is a massively structured wine that required years to settle into its own potential. 

  • 2018 Fossil Photo
    2018 Fossil 2018 Fossil Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot & Syrah North Coast

    North Coast

    35% Cabernet Sauvignon
    33% Syrah
    32% Merlot

    14.9% Alcohol By Volume


    Longtime readers know Fossil gets its name from its historic blend. In the early 1800's, winemakers in a famous wine region on the other side of the pond (the Atlantic that is), added Syrah to a traditional Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot blend. They created a blend that fetched some of the highest prices in the region – until the practice was shelved under newly-enacted winemaking laws. We at Meeker are pleased to dust off this historic winemaking "fossil" for your enjoyment!

    The 2018 is amply structured and feels at first like a Merlot-centered Meeker "Four Kings". But there is a gentleness and lushness to the edges of the wine that only Syrah can bring. Patient, elegant white cherry and Cab's herbacious streak open to a warm mid-palate that bridges racy elegance with warmth of just a touch of toffee and toasted oak. The finish shows athe grip of our more classic Bordeaux-grape executions but more gentle. This is a bit tight still, but will drink beautifully now through at least National Donut Day on June 5th, 2037.


  • 2023 SF Chronicle Wine Competition Gold Winners Photo
    2023 SF Chronicle Wine Competition Gold Winners SF Chronicle Wine Competition Gold Winners 3-Pack with Shipping included to most States* 20%, 25% & 30% Tribe Discounts Apply 19' Scharf Cabernet Sauvignon, 21' Viognier & 19' Cabernet Franc

    2023 San Francisco ChronicleWine Competition Double Gold and Gold Winners

    2019 Cabernet Sauvignon – Scharf Family Vyd. – Dry Creek Valley

    • Double Gold Medal in the 2023 San Francisco Wine Competition

    2019 Cabernet Franc – Old Vine – Dry Creek Valley

    • Double Gold Medal in the 2023 San Francisco Wine Competition

    2021 Viognier – Knights Valley – Sonoma County

    • Gold Medal in the 2023 San Francisco Wine Competition

    Price: $165, plus tax, including shipping to most States*

    $165 (20%off=$132, 25% off = $123.75, 30% off = $115.50 with your individual Tribe discount).

    *$29 Ground shipping for 3 to 12 bottles to AR, CT, DE, NJ, OK, RI, WV & AL(TO ABC Store) via 3rd party. Shipping is prohibited to MS & UT. 2nd Day Air shipping prices applies to AK & HI.

  • 6 year Vertical of Winemaker's Handprint Merlot Photo
    6 year Vertical of Winemaker's Handprint Merlot 6 Year Vertical of Winemaker's Handprint Vintages 2009-2014 $370 Value! Tribe Members receive an additional 10% off retail

    6 year Vertical of Winemakers Handprint Merlot:
    Sale: $333 
    Retail: $370

    Includes one bottle each of our 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, and 2014

    $296, $278, $259 with your respective Tribe discount (tribe members are receiving and additional 10% discount).

    2009 Handprint - Retail: $65

    2010 Handprint - Retail: $65

    2011 Handprint - Retail: $60

    2012 Handprint - Retail: $60

    2013 Handprint - Retail: $60

    2014 Handprint - Retail: $60

    $296, $278, $259 with your respective Tribe discount (tribe members are receiving and additional 10% discount).

  • Meeker Colored Corkscrews Photo
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