New Releases

  • 2018 Winemaker's Handprint Cabernet Sauvignon Photo
    2018 Winemaker's Handprint Cabernet Sauvignon 2018 Winemaker's Handprint Cabernet Sauvignon Sonoma County

    2018 Winemaker’s Handprint
    Cabernet Sauvignon
    Sonoma County—California
    14.9% Alcohol by Volume

    We’re proud to announce the first addition to our Handprint series: the Handprint Cabernet Sauvignon. 

    In 1992, when we first started making our Winemaker’s Handprint Merlot, merlot was a denigrated, under-rated varietal. We needed a way to let folks know that we stood by Merlot—that it was a Meeker Merlot. Firm, full-bodied, ready to age for decades. And from the very beginning, folks asked for more Handprints: Cabs, Zins, whatever their favorites were. 

    My Dad always said no. Merlot needed and deserved that special attention. Since my Dad passed in 2021, I’ve looked for ways to build on his legacy while continuing to evolve the wines we make and the techniques we use to create them. Today, I’m proud to share a new facet of our unique approach to making Cab. 

    We’ve always developing and refining our techniques to make Cab our way; with long aging potential and a classic structure-forward focus. We're excited with what we're calling our "late oak" technique and feel it’s time to give it a new showcase. 

    Just like the Handprint Merlot, I handprint every bottle, one at a time. And with a left hand on the front, these bottles will look perfect side by side with a bottle of Handprint Merlot. From our hands to yours—these are Meeker wines we hope will grace your tables when you make core memories with your families and friends.


  • Snapshot Series #1.2:  2021
    Snapshot Series #1.2: 2021 "No Siesta" Red Blend 2021 "No Siesta" Red Blend Snapshot Series #1.2 51% Syrah & 49% Zinfandel North Coast

    2021 Snapshot #1.2:  No Siesta 

    51% Syrah
    49% Zinfandel
    North Coast—California
    15.1% Alcohol by volume
    99 cases produced

    The first vintage of No Siesta was the result of a moment of clairty that left me feeling grateful and determined. Like the first vintage, this wine is a love letter ti the grind of winemaking; a thank you note to nature and heritage; and a faded polaroid that reminds me of my roots. It's also a to-do-list:  a) continue making honest wines, b) share them with love and integrity, c) chase that clarity, d) write less pretentious back labels.

  • 2022 North Coast Grenache Photo
    2022 North Coast Grenache 2022 Grenache North Coast New Release
    2022 Grenache
    North Coast—California
    14.6% Alcohol by Volume
    218 cases produced
    We love Grenache and the unique challenge it poses. A variety with wide range where each combination of vineyard site, clone, and vintage can be wildly different from the last. As a result, Grenache is a grape that flourishes with intentional, adaptive winemakig for each and every lot. It rewards this attention with an exuberance that this wine seeks to highlight.
  • 2021 Dolcetto - Paradise Canyon Farm Photo
    2021 Dolcetto - Paradise Canyon Farm 2021 Dolcetto Paradise Canyon Farm Mendocino

    2021 Dolcetto
    Paradise Canyon  Farm
    North Coast—California
    14.7% Alcohol by Volume

    This second vintage if the Dolcetto  from Paradise Canyon Farm shows a nice evolution of our work. The varieties greatness lies in its potential for complexity and depth balanced against elegant, moderate structure. This is a challenging balance to strike; Dolcetto is a grape that rewards intent and attention in the winery and vineyard. John and Marcia Lazaro's vineyard yields beautiful fruit that reflects the care and effort in their farming and inspires the same in our winemaking. 
    What we love about this wine is the series of contrasts it shares. Specifically, '21 show beautiful, round, juicy mouthfeel through the mid-palate while still feeling dense and complete. A comfortable tension between friendliness and depth is where we want to put this version of Dolcetto.
    On the nose and front of palate the fruit sings, but its crunchy plum and cranberry character doesn’t overwhelm complex herbal freshness. The mid palate balances an archetypal Italian-red leathery richness with a lively, fresh round nature that prevents it from feeling heavy. The finish weaves acidity and tannin to build some power and intensity but with a bouncy, light-footed texture. We’d pair it with the food of its home in northern Italy or other lean meats or hearty stews like lamb or ratatouille. The interplay between freshness and structure is this wine’s best attribute. Beautiful now and for the next  7-10 years at least.
  • 2021 Mourvedre Photo
    2021 Mourvedre 2021 Mourvedre La Sierra Vineyard Gold Medal SF Chronicle

    2021 Mourvèdre
    La Sierra Vineyard—Block 8
    High Valley—Lake County
    14.7% Alcohol by Volume

    Mourvèdre is hard to find in our neck of the woods, so we ventured  to Shannon Ranch in northesastern Lake County. We were particularly enamored with Block 8 of  La Sierra, where a small block of head-trained immaculately-farmed Mourvedre wraps the western slope of a hilltop and yields incredible fruit for us to make this wine.

  • Snapshot Series #08:  2021
    Snapshot Series #08: 2021 "Type Two Fun" 2021 "Type Two Fun" Red Blend Snapshot Series #08 43.2% Grenache, 42.7% Mourvedre & 14.1% Syrah North Coast - New Release!

    2021 "Type Two Fun" Red Blend
    Snapshot Series #08
    North Coast—California

    43.2% Grenache
    42.7% Mourvedre
    14.1% Syrah

    14.9% Alcohol by volume
    158 cases produced
    Released 2023

    This is our second collaboration with my friend and pro cyclist Pete Stetina. Pete loves wine, and I love bikes. I wanted this wine to remind us of the strong overlap between the cycling and winemaking communities. We've gone back and forh theorizing the on the cause, and we settled on a name that gets to the root of the matter. While type one fun is normal fun (mini-golf, donut runs, beach days, etc.) type two fun is terrible whitle it's happening but fun and rewarding when it's over. Like both a grueling day on the bike ir harvest  season in a winery. In the moment: "Why do I do this to myself? Never again." Pretty soon after, though? "That wasn't so bad. What's next?" - Lucas Meeker


  • Snapshot Series #07:  2021
    Snapshot Series #07: 2021 "Vexing Tyche" White Blend 2021 "Vexing Tyche" White Blend Snapshot Series #07 51.2% Grenache Blanc, 20.9% Sauvignon Blanc, 17.4% Viognier & 10.5% Chenin Blanc North Coast - New Release!

    2021 "Vexing Tyche" White Blend
    Snapshot Series #07
    North Coast—California

    51.2% Grenche Blanc
    20.9% Sauvignon Blanc
    17.4% Viognier
    10.5% Chenin Blanc

    13.7% Alcohol by Volume
    120 cases produced
    Released 2023

    In Greek Myth, Tyche is the Goddess of fortune. She is the arbiter of luck and controls the destiny of a community; a (capricious) protector that gifts prosperity and dispenses ill fortune. In 2021—after a string of wildfires, pandemic, and drought—we decided to take things into our own hands. Instead of playing it safe in a precarious moment, we went on a rampage of taking chances and pushing our boundaries. This blend is entirely compromised of those chances. Don't get me wrong—I'm not forsaking Tyche—but I'm not waiting around either. This wine is the liquid equivalent of "fine, I'll do it myself". And in making it, we made our own fate. - Lucas Meeker

  • 2022
    2022 "Pop Punk" Grenache Pét-Nat #10: Dog-Eared Page 2022 "Pop Punk" Grenache Pét-Nat #10: "Dog-Eared Page" Venturi Vineyard Mendocino
    2022 "Pop Punk" Grenache Pét-Nat
    #10: "Dog-Eared Page" 
    Venturi Vineyard
    12.1% Alcohol by Volume
    Larry Venturi’s family has tended vines on the benchland above Calpella for over 100 years. He is the archetypical old-timer in all the best ways; the kind of grower who plants head-trained and dry-farmed Grenache in 2017 and then farms it organically because that’s how he farms everything. This block is on the uppermost bench of his ranch, and the slightly higher elevation and farming techniques help limit these young vines of a vigorous variety to a moderate crop of intense concentration.

  • 2021
    2021 "Pop Punk" Rosé of Pinot Noir Pét-Nat #05: "Relentlessly Knuckleheaded and Sorta Wonderful" 2021 "Pop Punk" Rosé of Pinot Noir Pét-Nat #05: "Relentlessly Knuckleheaded and Sorta Wonderful" Nakai Vineyard - 828 Clone Russian River Valley

    2021 "Pop Punk" Rosé of Pinot Noir Pét-Nat
    #05:  "Relentlessly Knuckleheaded and Sorta Wonderful"
    Russian River Valley—Sonoma County
    12.1% Alcohol by Volume

    This is our second release of a Rose sparkling wine made naturally (French term: méthode ancestrale), meaning how sparkling wine was made before disgorging became a thing. It is called "Pet Nat", which is short for Pétillant Natural, and it certainly is not your typical sparkling wine. We hand-bottled the wine before it completed fermentation, which allows for its natural effervescence. But here's the rub, it also traps the lees from the yeast, making the wine cloudy or hazy; think Hazy IPA beers or ciders for example. The lees, which enhance flavor and aroma in the wine, tend to settle out and find their way to the bottom of the bottle. So, when you first open the cap, you will need to allow those bubbles a chance to break up the lees and the wine to return to its cloudy (preferred) state for drinking.