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Dessert Wines

2003 Tutu Luna

12.4% ABV
16.1% RS

This Gewurztraminer, Muscat and Chenin Blanc blend is made with the freezing method Charlie invented. With low alcohol and a great acid balance, this dessert wine is fresh, fruity and great with summer desserts or as the anchor ingredient in our classic TutuTinis


2016 FroZin

Sonoma County
11.3% ABV
17.8% RS

Our legendary FroZin is not your typical dessert wine. It’s not a late harvest--it’s our unique take on an ice wine. Instead of the syrupy sweetness of your typical dessert wine, you’ll find fresh blackberry and raspberry notes in this wine. And it’s still got tons of acidity to balance the fresh fruit sweetness. You’ll love it with any kind of dessert, but Charlie really recommends you try it first with dark chocolate.