Snapshot Series #02: 2015 "Glass Island" ZMS Red Blend



2015 "Glass Island" Red Blend
Snapshot Series #02
Dry Creek Valley
Sonoma County—California

66.7% Zinfandel
22.2% Merlot
11.1% Syrah

14.9% Alcohol By Volume
90 cases produced - 1st bottling
90 cases produced - 2nd bottling (by popular demand)
Released 2018

This wine shoots for complexity and refinement in a way that ease and grace. After a long evening around a festive table., you'll know it;s been a great night when you see a ell-loved wine bottle just vergiing on empty, with the punt poking through the last pour of a great wine. The 1796 A Classical Dictionary of the Vulgar Tongue calls this the "island"—but we call it evidence of a great gathering. We hope you'll enjoy this blend during a great gathering of your own. - Lucas Meeker 

The wine centers on a juicy, blackberry core with soft edges of vinalla and toffee. There is some of the warmth of a classic Dry Creek Zin on the front of the palate, but instead of a dusty summer day, it feels more like lying in the sun to dry off after a swim at the beach on a hot day. 

Snapshot Series #02:  2015 "Glass Island" ZMS Red Blend