Snapshot Series #1.2: 2021 "No Siesta" Red Blend



2021 Snapshot #1.2:  No Siesta 

51% Syrah
49% Zinfandel
North Coast—California
15.1% Alcohol by volume
99 cases produced

The first vintage of No Siesta was the result of a moment of clairty that left me feeling grateful and determined. Like the first vintage, this wine is a love letter ti the grind of winemaking; a thank you note to nature and heritage; and a faded polaroid that reminds me of my roots. It's also a to-do-list:  a) continue making honest wines, b) share them with love and integrity, c) chase that clarity, d) write less pretentious back labels.

Snapshot Series #1.2:  2021 "No Siesta" Red Blend