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NV Combination [code three]

NV Combination [code three]

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Tasting Notes

Sonoma County
14.5% ABV

Combination is just what it sounds like, only better: A multiple-vintage blend of our two biggest wines: Four Kings and Handprint. Every year we withhold some amount of the final blend of Four Kings and HP in case we need to bottle more large formats than we expected. As a result, we typically end up with a small amount of extra wine from each finished blend. Rather than bottle these separately, we combined all of them into one master blend that we’re calling Combination, named after the secret code that just might unlock the Vault. We’re not sure what the Vault combo might be, but we do know that this Combination unlocks something special: big structure, tannin, and finish. This Combination drinks like a Merlot on steroids: blackberry and stone fruit, light oak, big acidity and a long, delicate finish that will soften further with age.