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2010 Fossil

2010 Fossil

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Tasting Notes

Sonoma County
14.6% ABV

Have you met Fossil? This wine is an antique blend for a modern palate. The French used to blend Syrah into their Bordeaux blends in the early 1800s, until the French government outlawed it - leaving the creative Syrah-Cabernet Sauvignon-Merlot blend to fade away in Europe and most of  the rest of  the world, Australia excepted. But we’ve revived it with style. This Alexander Valley “CSM” blend has the attitude and mouthfeel of  a T. Rex caged one day too long in a barrel in our cellar. The wine pops out of  the glass with a big, blackberry-huckleberry nose and tannins cultivated in Alexander Valley’s red dirt. This wine stands up to even the most sassy Brontosaurus steak on your table today or will age another 5 years in your cellar.

Previous vintages available by request